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Slice it up or break it off caveman style. Either way our dried sausage is sure to satisfy the hunger.

Available in 5 recipes!

  • Original recipe leaves a smoky goodness.
  • Spicy has an extra kick on top of the smoky Original recipe.
  • Chile Pequin for the extra spicy lover.
  • German dried sausage like grandpa used to make!
  • "Dos Pendejos" is our new addition with lots of heat and excellent flavor!


Each stick weighs between .4 and .45 lbs! 

Dried Sausage by the Stick

  • Everything done in-house. No assembly lines. Seasoned, Ground, Stuffed, Pecan Smoked, Cured and Dried! Never cooked or dehydrated. Done the old fashioned way.

    75% Beef

    25% Pork

    All Natural Pork Casings

    3 week production

    If out of stock we will update the site ASAP on the turnaround time.

    Store in the fridge before opening. Can also be stored in the freezer. 

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